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Audio Drama Update

Imagination Lane is no longer the main home of my audio drama related works. While I may revive it at some point in the future, currently most of my episodes are being released through Misfits Audio Productions. Since it is helpful, I will start posting here as well when significantly new works are being added.

Shipwrecked: The Little Mermaid
(completed episode)
A young mermaidĀ is enamored with the prince onshore and turns to the Sea Witch for a spell to make her human. When the prince rejects her, the mermaid is faced with a choice: murder the man she loves, or save her own life. Please note that this is not an episode for children, it follows the original, darker tale.

Blood Red Roses
(completed series)
Frost coats the countryside of England in the year 1461. Enter a land mired in warfare, as monarchs fight to claim the throne.

Cloudless Climes
(ongoing series)
This combination audio drama and news podcast explores comic books and graphic novels, particularly those with strong female protagonists. I started it here at Imagination Lane as a regular podcast, but didn’t like how it sounded, so I revamped the series. The plan is a monthly episode, although that does not always work out!

The Father Christmas Chronicles
Episode 1
(ongoing series)
These will be coming out annually. I am working on the second episode as I post this.

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