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H.M.S. Lydia Episode 1 “The Newcomer”

lydia art

Written & Post-Produced by Alexa Chipman

Music by The Cutters & Monty Worsley

Sound Effects by Alexa Chipman, Stevie K. Farnaby, GR Sites

Featuring the Voice Talent of:

Captain Roger Gibson – David Maciver

First Lieutenant Laurence Fitzgerald – Scott D. Harris

Sergeant Gareth Coolidge – David Drage

Midshipman Edward Pendennis – Mark Gianopoulos

“Chips” Hardwicke – Doug Barbieri

Cartwright & Morgan – Jules Ismail

Etruscan1 – April Sadowski

Etruscan2 – Alexa Chipman

Promos Featured:

Flaming Hat’s Infringement

Released under Creative Commons

Non-Derivative License 3.0

4 comments on “H.M.S. Lydia Episode 1 “The Newcomer”

  1. Doug Barbieri on said:

    So…when will the fine HMS Lydia finally set sail?

  2. Well I lost several cast members and had a terrible time finding people to replace them that were willing to do it, I finally did and now they are sending lines in. I have it 90% mixed, just waiting on 3 lines from people now.

  3. John Miley on said:

    This is a broken link. When I try to download it i get a 48k trash file. I’ve downloaded the other 4 episodes, but don’t want to start the story without the first one…..

  4. admin on said:

    Thank you for the heads up, I’ve just re-uploaded it, not sure what happened there!

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