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Discovery: Episode 1 “Into the Frozen South”

Written by David Hirzel

Post-Produced/Sound Engineered by Michael Hudson

Based upon real events, Tom Crean: Sailor on Ice is an original audio drama of Tom Crean’s Antarctic Adventures, based upon Maritime Author and Poet David Hirzel’s research.

In this episode, Tom ships aboard Discovery, bound for the unknown lands of the South Pole.

Warning, rated PG-13 / 12A:
For mild language, mature references and frightening situations.
Parental preview is strongly suggested.

Featuring the voice talent of:
Tom Crean – David Maciver
Frazier – David Ault
Mary Crean – April Sadowski
Taff Evans – Ronnie Rowlands
Frank Wild – Stevie K. Farnaby
Captain Robert Scott – Clive Saunders
Ernest Shackleton – Brian Bedard
Misc Sailors – Nick Cook, Stevie K. Farnaby, Dave Frizzell, Bill Hollweg, Martin Lejeune, David Reid, Anthony Rooney, Scott M. Sandridge, Capt. John Tadrzak, Seán Paul Teeling

Music by:
April Sadowski and Kevin MacLeod
Imagination Lane theme by Nate Torres

Creative Commons No Derivatives, Attribution, Non-Commercial 3.0 licence.
All characters, concepts and situations copyright 2009 to David Hirzel.

5 comments on “Discovery: Episode 1 “Into the Frozen South”

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  3. Nancy Hirzel on said:

    I really enjoyed the professionalism of the actors. The story is fascinating and the actors really give life to it. I am looking forward to the future episodes. I also enjoyed the background music.

  4. Tom Colbert on said:

    I enjoyed this but it’s a pity the the Tom Crean actor has a northern Irish accent as Tom Crean was from Kerry in southern Ireland with a very different accent.

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