Imagination Lane Backroads

Enter the Mists of History

H.M.S. Lydia 7 “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Written by Alexa Chipman

The planet Wamu’s communications go down when a satellite in the system disappears. Mr. Palliser is sent to investigate, and it seems the equipment has crashed onto planet Earth.

Featuring the Voice Talent of:
Wamuvians – Antonia Gottesman and Alexa Chipman
Mr. Palliser – Rob Paterson
Captain Gibson – David Maciver
Sergeant Coolidge – David Drage
Miss Emma Grey – Elaine Barrett
Midshipman Pendennis – Mark Gianopoulos
Lt. Fitzgerald – Scott D. Harris
Lt. Cheswick – Alex Gilmour
Hardwicke – Doug Barbieri

Music by:
The Cutters, Nate Torres and Monty Worsley

Sound Effects by:
Alexa Chipman, Stevie K. Farnaby, Bill Hollweg and

Promos Featured:
KFAT’s Twin Stars
GGP’s Star Trek: Outpost

Creative Commons – No Derivatives – 3.0

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