Imagination Lane Backroads

Enter the Mists of History

H.M.S. Lydia Episode 3 “It’s In The Rocks”

lydia art

Written & Post-Produced by Alexa Chipman
Music by The Cutters & Monty Worsley
Sound Effects by Alexa Chipman, Stevie K. Farnaby, GR Sites

Featuring the Voice Talent of:

Captain Roger Gibson – David Maciver
First Lieutenant Laurence Fitzgerald – Scott D. Harris
Sergeant Gareth Coolidge – David Drage
Miss Estelle Wellington – M Sieiro Garcia
Midshipman Edward Pendennis – Mark Gianopoulos
Swegen – Stevie K. Farnaby
Leofric – James Leeper

Promos Featured:
BSAP’s 31 Days of Horror
DP’s Tales From The Museum

Released under Creative Commons
Non-Derivative License 3.0

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