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Saxonboc: Irregular Meter

Written by Alexa Chipman

Songs of the Saxon Chronicles in Irregular Meter William the Conqueror and King Edgar, part of the Belles-Lettres Series English Literature From it’s beginning to the year 1100 edited by Edward Miles Brown and published by DC Heath & Co London in 1908.

Featuring the voice talent of:
Castle Baron – Michael Hudson
Bard & Messenger – Ronnie Rowlands
Saxon Woman – Laura Frechette
Scottish Hunter – David Maciver
Saxon Princess – Katie Dehnart
Various Saxons: Jules Ismail, Michael Hudson, Capt. John Tadrzak, Bruce Busby, Alex Gilmour

Music by:
Kevin MacLeod “Heavy Interlude”

Sound Effects by:
Alexa Chipman, Stevie K. Farnaby, Bill Hollweg and

Special thanks to Michael Hudson

Creative Commons – No Derivatives – Non Commercial – Attribution – 3.0

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