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How to make Steampunk goggles

Steampunk goggles range from streamlined to ornate creations with lenses in every direction. While complex goggles can create a stunning effect, they are more difficult to create.

Welding / Swimming Goggles
Find a pair of welding or swimming goggles that have a structure that appeals to you. Some have tinted lenses that give an interesting effect and may tie in with the rest of the costume.

Using tape, or paint-repellant, cover the lenses. Take the goggles outside over a protective surface such as newspapers, and spray paint them a metallic color in several coats.

Fabric / Hand-Me-Down Clothing
Cut off the original goggles band, and measure the opening. It is a good idea to include an elastic loop before adding the new band. Being careful the elastic width will fit, cut two 4″ lengths of elastic, one for each side. Push the elastic through the goggles where the old band was, and sew the ends together. Repeat on both sides.

Hand-me-downs, old clothing, or purchased fabric can be used for the Steampunk band. Cut a strip:
Width: Twice the width of the elastic used
Length: Place the goggles over the eyes, and hold the elastic tabs against the head. A second person measures the remaining length around the back of the head between the two ends of elastic. Take that measurement and add 1″.

Folding the display side of the fabric toward the inside, fold each strip in half along the longest side, forming a tube. Straight stitch in place.

Carefully, using knitting needles, safety pins, or other preferred technique, pull the tube right-side-out so that the seam is on the interior of the tube.

Tuck the loose ends inside and hand sew the open narrow ends of fabric closed. When both sides are complete, iron the band flat. Sew the new band to the ends of elastic, overlapping the elastic tabs. Test the goggles on the head—they should fit snugly.

Decorating the Goggle Base

Visit a local hardware store, going on a hunt for any Steampunk-looking pieces. Look for shapes and colors, especially finding objects that could fit inside each other, or look like pieces of a clock. Since goggles are small, stay with delicate metals, not large items.

Hunt through the garage for anything sitting about that could be used, and a local crafts store for Victorian buttons and jewelry chains.

On a table, measure out the length of the goggle band, marking out that surface using items that are at hand, such as salt and pepper shakers or books. In between, let creativity soar with the items collected. Try different patterns until finding one that is appealing.Remove items one piece at a time and sew them onto the goggle band, recreating the pattern on the table. Be certain to sew securely—if bits of metal fly off they can become trip hazards.The steampunk goggles are complete, and ready to be added to an ensemble or hat for an adventure on a mad scientist’s airship.

NaNoWriMo Day 25

Please remember the excerpts have not been edited. This is purely to give a general idea of what I’m writing about in the novel for those who are interested.

As I expected, the actual Mawbray novel will not be 50,000 words—then I would only have to add pointless padding scenes which I don’t like to do. That is merely an arbitrary length anyway, the story is what is important and that has definitely come to a (somewhat unexpected) close. Worsley pulled a last minute plot twist on me that is so HUGE that I will be putting it into Maudelayne series 5 and maybe 4.

Day 3: Word Count 29,938

Worsley remembered the last time he had seen her kind. He had intellectually never believed it possible to control the rift, and had chosen the valkyries purely to test his own strength of mind. He never imagined it would succeed, or that he would so quickly revert to his old reactions; Worsley tried to think about Jane and what she would have done.

“I did not mean to be such a bother,” Nigel spoke up, “I only wish to find a way back.”

She eyed him, “prove yourself.”

“You mean a mathematical proof? I’m rather rubbish at those…perhaps the…”

Before he could finish, she had thrown a quarterstaff in his direction. He held it gingerly in one hand, not sure what to do. With a blood-curtling yell, he felt rather than saw her own staff descend on his head. The room darkened yet more, and he collapsed groggily to the stinking stable floor. He heard cold laughter, and he tried to think of the ease and flow with which he had thrown the knife back in the library. His grip tightened on the staff and he flung himself up onto his knees, sending out a savage swift stroke at the back of hers. She flipped and landed hard on her back, causing the nearest horse to whinny with concern.

NaNoWriMo Day 21

Please remember the excerpts have not been edited. This is purely to give a general idea of what I’m writing about in the novel for those who are interested.

As some of you know, I am currently in a stage play, and rehearsals/performances are eating up massive amounts of time, so not much available to sit down and write. I am also in a new job, which I am getting used to, and no more lunch break to work in like I once had. It also has a 2 hourish a day commute which takes out that time as well. I don’t mind too much that I am so behind, because this Nano for me was more about getting the Mawbray story finished, and I don’t think it will take 50,000 words anyway. I believe in writing what a story should be, rather than try to pad it for no apparent reason.

Day 3: Word Count 23,763


Before Belphoebe could react, the rift shuddered into action and the tropical landscape hovered, then melted back into the main lawn at Mawbray. The transition was such a shock, that even the president’s shrieks to get off the grass did not affect the group. It took a full two minutes before Sophie called out, “where is Jane?”

When the others vanished away, Miss Worsley assumed she would see the grey walls of Oxford appear, but they did not. The nightmarish scene with its alien huntresses and dripping bloody weapons remained as clear as ever.

“Why am I still here?” she mumbled, forgetting the perfect hearing of the warriors.

“You are one of us now,” Belphebe smiled.

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