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Efyl: Island Series Book 1


Guardians are humanity’s last defense against the Diras—creatures of ancient evil. Erfyl must reclaim a mysterious island and close the gateway before Earth is overrun.

ISBN-10: 1466461934   ISBN-13: 978-1466461932   ASIN: B006J0ML0W

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Mawbray: Secret of the Rift

Mawbray: Secret of the Rift

Dangerous mythological creatures emerge from a magical rift at Mawbray College. Can the students discover its secret before evil controls its powers? The book is based on the popular audio drama series Maudelayne, set in Oxford during the 1930s.

ISBN-10: 1460950062   ISBN-13: 978-1460950067   ASIN: B0050O7YAK

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