Marin Onstage & Sol Flamenco
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Belrose Theatre, San Rafael

RUN: September 9-10, 2016
RATING: 5 of 5 stars

(September 9, 2016)

Sol Flamenco Santa Rosa at the Belrose

Sol Flamenco opens with explosive palmas fuertes filling the intimate Belrose Theatre with exhilarating sound. Mark Taylor’s intricate toque skims the guitar in mesmerizing speed, interwoven with heart-felt, but not overpowering cante by El Moreno. The ensemble has cheerful, festive atmosphere with a good-humored sense of fun. The cozy velvet-draped theatre with tiny tables is the perfect setting for flamenco, which is often performed in cafés and bars throughout Spain.

A soulful, vibrant style of dance, flamenco comes out of the gypsy tradition when several cultures found themselves joined together taking mutual refuge. It gradually evolved into a performance art, when it solidified into the form we are familiar with today. Sol Flamenco is based in Santa Rosa, and was first invited to the Belrose last year to a delighted audience.

Sol Flamenco Santa Rosa at the Belrose

The evening’s program was varied, from the emotional longing of Soleá de Alcalá, to an electrifying flurry of footwork in Bulería fin de fiesta. I am partial toward Alegrías, since it was my favorite to perform, and Aldo Ruiz created a fast tempo lyrical performance with poise and elegance. Starting in traditional silence, Joelle Gonçalves’ Tangos de Malaga transitioned from haunting to playful and energetic. Her floreo is stunning—her fingers nimbly shift in flowering hand movements, flowing like water. Equally impressive, her feet strike precise sounds in clean rhythm across the floor.

Sol Flamenco is an electrifying evening of phenomenal music and dance that will carry you into a world of passion that is unique to flamenco.