Program 2: Modern Masters
Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson
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San Francisco Ballet
War Memorial Opera House
San Francisco, CA

RUN: January 26 – February 5, 2017
RATING: 5 of 5 stars

February 5, 2017

Playful lyricism becomes stark staccato in this diverse program from San Francisco Ballet featuring a world premiere by Yuri Possokhov, “Optimistic Tragedy”. Presented in the opulent War Memorial Opera House by a world renowned company, it exemplifies the mingling of classical and contemporary through narrative and purely abstract movement. Have you wondered why there are three dances in a repertory program? San Francisco Ballet answered in their blog post The History of Triple Bills.

San Francisco Ballet Ratmansky's Seven Sonatas.

Ratmansky’s Seven Sonatas. © Erik Tomasson

Seven Sonatas
Choreographer: Alexei Ratmansky
Composer: Domenico Scarlatti

Relationships blossom in this heartfelt examination of community. Couples come together with miniature stories and varied personalities, from coyly flirtatious to tender embraces of mutual affection, reminiscent of George Balanchine’s “Who Cares?” giving vignettes of hope and luminous comfort to each other. Mungunchimeg Buriad flows over the piano, blending perfectly with the dancers, and is on stage with them in a gesture of solidarity. This piece floats with subtle hints of folk dancing and elegant simplicity in Holly Hynes’ costume design of gold edged white gowns.

San Francisco Ballet - Possokhov's Optimistic Tragedy

Possokhov’s Optimistic Tragedy. © Erik Tomasson

Optimistic Tragedy (World Premiere)
Choreographer: Yuri Possokhov
Composer: Ilya Demutsky

In a single short piece, Possokhov elicits a level of emotional resonance that many full length ballets fail to achieve. It is deeply powerful and cinematic, unsurprising considering it was partially inspired by the 1925 film Battleship Potemkin, which I have had the privilege of seeing on a cinema screen with live orchestra accompaniment. The visuals are instantly recognizable, with bold masculine stances in the exclusively male corps de ballet, wild frenzy of battle, augmented by black and white projections, and piles of bodies left from the war that call to mind the bloodied train tracks in Gone With the Wind. It does not glorify conflict; this ballet depicts it in raw ugliness, and through that journey finds beauty.

Yuan Yuan Tan’s Commissary is forced to defend herself from attempted rape, and embodies the shame and shock in a tense pas de deux with the Captain (Aaron Robison) that layers complex feelings of desire, duty, self loathing, and honor with intricate partnering and musicality. Gloomy ocean waves wash across the backdrop, bringing the audience on board the ship, with strong lighting design from Christopher Dennis and mobile ship railings and decks designed by Alexander V. Nichols. Possokhov’s choreography and Tan’s performance are stunning in her character’s death, with seemingly dead weight lifts and manipulation of her limp corpse that require perfect cooperation with her partners. Optimistic Tragedy is a heightened form of dance, showcasing the abilities of the company in a dynamic tribute to those who perished in the Russian Revolution at its 100th anniversary.

San Francisco Ballet - Forsythe’s Pas/Parts 2016

Forsythe’s Pas/Parts 2016. © Erik Tomasson

Pas/Parts 2016
Choreographer: William Forsythe
Composer: Thom Willems

A vividly modern piece surrounded by bare gray walls and marley, an extensive cast takes to the stage with slanted, direct visuals and flawless technique. The dance is stripped down, emphasizing angles with a sculptural aesthetic to the duets. Intensely contemporary music is monotone and gritty, which becomes wearing given the length; the dancers took ownership of the electronic score, pausing, drawing out, or cutting off with sensitivity that maintains interest all the way through, despite a style of music that not all of us appreciate in the same way as traditional classical compositions.

Program 2: Modern Masters is a selection of challenging contemporary works that delight, horrify, and inspire with sublime artistry and movement.