Kirsten Livingston of Arts Academy School of Classical Ballet

Photo courtesy of Arts Academy School of Classical Ballet

Ballet training fosters a sense of confidence, physical awareness, dedication, and can be an encouraging community atmosphere with the right teacher. Opening this September in Napa, The Arts Academy School of Classical Ballet will be offering classes for all ages. Founder Kirsten Livingston is putting her extensive experience and passion for teaching into the new school. “I believe that everyone should dance regardless of what their particular goals are.” There is a place for all at Livingston’s school—young people wishing to express a lively, creative spirit in a positive environment, teenagers who plan to pursue a professional career in classical ballet, or adults looking for an artistic outlet. “I want every child who walks through my doors to have the best possible experience with dance and their training,” Livingston assures.

With twenty-six years of teaching experience, Kirsten Livingston has learned how to shape her program to individual needs while retaining a sense of discipline in the studio. It takes focus and hard work to train with classical ballet, but it should be enjoyable as well; finding that balance is key to a well-run dance academy. Her own formation ranges from the intricate staccato style of contemporary ballet at the Balanchine school to personal training with Russian ballerina Madame Valentina Belova in a traditional style of ballet. She has had training from the Pacific Northwest Ballet, our local world-class company San Francisco Ballet, and has studied the more structured RAD style of teaching. As a result, no matter what each student is trying to achieve, Livingston is able to draw on a wide range of influences to choose what will work best for them.

Because ballet is a performance art, there will be opportunities to do so, although as a fledgling school, that program will be built up with time. Starting with small scale productions, such as holiday cheer to bring into homes for the elderly, or a spring concert, productions are likely to be based on story ballets and perhaps in the future a staging of Nutcracker. Partnering with Lucky Penny Community Arts Center for a location, the academy is conveniently accessible from the highway.

To learn more about the new school, ask questions, and sign up for classes with a 10% discount, join Kirsten Livingston at the open house sessions, August 26 and September 2 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Fall classes will begin on September 5, meeting on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The Arts Academy School of Classical Ballet
Phone: (408) 309-8029

Lucky Penny Community Arts Center
1758 Industrial Way, Suite 208, Napa